Better ingredients, thoughtful preparation, and uncompromising consistency in all of our products leads to food and beverages that are both delicious and satisfying. By supporting local and regional food producers whenever possible, we have a direct connection from kitchen and coffee bar, back to many of those who produced the ingredients. Everyone wins when we do our small part in supporting a more sustainable, regional, small business ecosystem. One side effect, things just taste better for it too!


Jetplane Coffee is a safe place for everyone. Regardless of your story, how you identify, what you have or don’t have, your personal beliefs, or your appearance, we will treat you with utmost dignity and respect. We want you here no matter what.


To be of service is one of the most important and humbling things a person can do. Taking care of others, especially when they are not asking for or expecting it, is as rewarding for us as it can be for the recipient. We want people to know that stepping into Jetplane, they have permission to disconnect from the problems of their real-world existence, and for a short time be the center of attention.